Learn In Public Topics

What is this? An online version of my "to do/learn" list for my own code learning to keep track all in one place. I'd expect it to change quite a bit as time goes on. I was inspirated by some examples of other's "learn in public" posts, first posted by Shawn Wang (@swyx) here, and decided to make my own.

v1 - Last Updated: 5/15/21


goal: fullstack JavaScipt
  • freeCodeCamp certificate - JS Algos and Data Structures - full curriculum
  • " " - Front End Development Libraries
  • " " - API/Microservices
  • signing up for JS Bootcamp!


goal: web development and machine learning introduction
  • Automate the Boring Stuff - link

JavaScript and Python

Zine Style Blog topics - Javascript based

why not teach yourself by teaching others in a visual way?
  • scope
  • closures
  • hoisting
  • recursion
  • prototypal inheritance
  • classes

Future Side Projects

  • Watchlist - keep track of current and upcoming shows/movies; search and add with APIs
  • Timeblock - organize your day/week on a bitesize level
  • Eventter (actual name TBD) - trip planning and connect through social media (and one more twist)

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